1, Cura
Cura can be called the standard slicing software in 3d printing, it is compatible with most 3d printers. The code for it is open source, can be extensible through the plugin.Cura is very convenient during the printing process, you can choose swift printing in normal mode, or you can choose” expert” mode to process more exquisite 3d printing. The software could control the 3d printer directly after connecting the 3d printer to a computer.

2,EasyPrint 3D
EasyPrint 3D is not a sole slicing software, slicing is only one of the functions. Connect the 3dpinter to a computer via USD, you can control the process characteristically.In the user-end, this software is very suitable for beginners, the simplistic operation makes 3d printing is never a difficult job. Meanwhile, this software also suitable for expert users, the function is more or less similar to Cura, the operation end is very convenient.

3, Craftware

Craftware is developed by a Hungarian 3d printing company, the software also supports the user on other 3d printers. Same as Cura, it supports the switch between” simple” and “expert”, the specific user can be customized according to the user. The main characteristics of this software are supporting personal management, but this function should be paid.

4, 123D Catch123D Catch is a free application for PC and mobile end, it can compose photos to 3d model accordingly. The working principle is shooting the photo on the object in a different angle and position, then synthesize it and finally create a 3d model.

5, 3D Slash
This is a new 3d printing software, through this software, you can easily using module create 3d model.

From the user end, it creates the model in the original beginning, cutting off the unnecessary part through varies cutting tools. You can also create a model through cubes and sphere etc.

6, TinderCAD
TinkerCAD is called the most simplistic model making software, you no need to download software, can operate on the website. Comparing with Blender, FreeCAD, and SketchUp, its integrated function still need to complete, most users will change to other designing software after completely learned how to use it.

7, 3DTin
3DTin is another online website 3D modeling software, it has an intuitionistic interface, and relatively convenient on using, very suitable for beginners to build 3d printing model. The biggest characteristic of this software is the user can upload the created model to cloud allowing other users downloading it in payment.

Sculptrip is another virtual model making software, it is very popular to create small sculptures.

9, ViewSTL
ViewSTL is an explorer allowing preview of STL file, the user can choose to leave after dragging STL file into a virtual frame.

10, Netfabb Basic
Netfabb Basic is a nice 3d slicing software, the software can analyze the model automatically before user proceeding slice, therefore to repair and edit STL file. If you don’t want using Mesh lab, Meshmixer, etc., this software could satisfy your any needs.

11, Repetier
If the above software couldn’t make your need, then Repetier could possibly be your next choice. functions of Repetier almost covered middle to the expert user group. As an integrated solution, it supports multiple extruders ( maximum 16), compatible with multiple slicing software, thus the software almost supporting all FDM 3D printers in the market.

12, FreeCAD

FreeCAD is multifunctional CAD software, it’s the first choice of the intermediate user group. Through this software, the user can create a data-based model, can revise parameters directly before finish design.

13, Sketchup
Sketchup has a user-friendly interface, for the users transiting from beginner to intermediate, the process is relatively simple. The characteristics of this software are dividing user according to their occupations, for example, construction, internal design, etc.

14, 3D-Tool Free Viewer
3D-Tool Free Viewer is a relatively complicated STL file viewer, it allows the user to inspect STL file construction completeness and give useful printing suggestions.

15, Meshfix
Meshfix is an opensource 3d repairing tool, it mainly used on varies hiatus during model adjusting, for example, phenomena such as holes and crisscross. The only weak point of this software is it can only operate in a Windows system.

16, Simplify3D
Simplify3D is called the Swiss army knife in the tools of 3d printing software. It does not only repair the problems in the model but also can do the work of slicing. This software supporting 90% above desktop 3d printers, meanwhile can compatible with Marlin, Sprinter, Repetier,XYZprinting, FlashForge, Sailfish, and MakerBot.

Slic3r is also an open source 3d slicing software, the biggest characteristic of this software is can inter-fill in a honeycomb style, in this way to reach a stronger strength. Another function is directly integrated with Octoprint. When the file is in the user desktop, can directly upload to “print” frame, therefore more convenient on printing.

18, Blender
Blender is one of the popular software, mainly targeted for the expert user group. To the newbie, this is not the best choice. But to the expert user, this software can develop a precisely satisfied model for 3d printing.

In short, Blender is commonly regarded as the most powerful model building software, its open source function allows users to make functional extensions, tally the software according to the needs of the user and build more powerful functions.

19, MeshLab
MeshLab is relatively higher level STL editor, it allowed user directly delete the content of the 3d model, or combine two models two in one. If a user needs 3d printing software to modify 3d model or maintenance work, MeshLab maybe is the best choice.

20, Meshmixer
Meshmixer is one of high standard 3d printing software to examine, detection and repair STL files. It is most suitable to find possible STL problems and repair it automatically. Being part of Autodesk 3d printing software, its characteristics almost same as TinkerCAD.

21, OctoPrint
Octoprint is a 3d printer controlling software, through this software, user can pass multiple directives such as starting, pause and stop to 3d printers via mobile after WIFI connection. This software is most suitable for user to monitor 3d printer working conditions remotely via the internet.

Next, Octoprint can compatible with almost all G codes in 3d printers, can also allow the user to check G code file before printing.